Nepal gets ‘automatic’ second round qualification for FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Nepal has been granted an automatic qualification in the phase of FIFA World Cup 2020 Qualification. Nepal managed to remain inside top 34 in Asian Ranking that made Nepal to compete directly in second round.

This is the first time that Nepal has got an automatic qualification for the second round and this will be the second time that Nepal will compete in the second round. The first time Nepal played in second round was back in FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifiers. During that time, Nepal had defeated Timor Leste in the first round.

In the latest FIFA ranking, Nepal is at 161st position and 34th in the Asia. The teams below the rank of 34 will play home-away play off matches.

Asian Cup as well !

Similarly, Nepal has also qualified for the second round of the Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers. Last time, Nepal were knocked out in the first round by India. However, Nepal played in the final round of the Qualification campaign courtesy of Solidarity Cup Champions.

The top 34 teams, along with six others coming from the play-off matches will be divided into 8 different groups, each containing 5 teams.

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