ICC World T20 Qualifiers: Full Fixtures of Nepal

Nepal is competing for a place in final round of 2019 ICC World T20 Asian regional finals in Malaysia. The T20 World Cup Qualifiers campaign begins from October 3.

Nepal will first compete in the 2018 ICC World T20 Asian Eastern Sub Regional Qualifier where 7 different countries will be vying for top three finish. The top three teams will qualify for  2019 ICC World T20 Asian Regional Finals where other three teams are already waiting.

UAE, Qatar and Kuwait are already qualified for the round and the rest three are yet to be decided.

Among those six, the top two teams will qualify for the  2020 ICC World T20 Qualifier.

Nepal will play their first game against Myanmar in October 3.

The Fixtures are:

3 October 2018 
Time: 14:30
Nepal vs Myanmar at Bayuemas Oval
6 October 2018 
Time: 10:00 
Malaysia vs Nepal at Bayuemas Oval
7 October 2018 
Time: 14:30
Nepal vs Thailand at Bayuemas Oval
9 October 2018 
Time: 10:00
Bhutan vs Nepal at Kinrara Oval
10 October 2018 
Time: 10:00
Nepal vs China Bayuemas Oval
12 October 2018 
Time: 14:30
Singapore vs Nepal at Bayuemas Oval




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