Ananta Tamang Survived Ban from ANFA

National Team central defender Ananta Tamang survived a severe ban, the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) was about to impose. He has been in controversy after finding that he had a contract for A Division League with two different Clubs.

Both Manang Marshyangdi Club and Three Star Club had included his name in the squad list for the league. As the ANFA was planning to impose a ban on Tamang for at least a year, the two clubs reach an agreement to release Tamang from both of their clubs.

Previously, both clubs were not in the mood to release the player as he can be a threat for their own team if they release him and join the other fellow one. However, the two sides agreed to release Tamang in a meeting today at ANFA Complex.

Tamang has been playing in the knock-out tournaments from Three Star Club and was with the club, but he also signed an agreement with MMC for the league.

Tamang has missed all the matches of the ongoing league and is expected to continue from now but from the other clubs than Three Star and MMC.

The representatives from both clubs said that the reason to release him was taking his future into consideration. If Tamang was to be punished, he could have been banned for a year, which could surely destroy his future.


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