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Nepal to host ODI Tri-Series Against Six Teams in CWC League 2

Nepal to host ODI Tri-Series Against Six Teams in CWC League 2

The ICC World Cricket League Championship is going to be replaced by the newly formed ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) League 2, starting from 2019-2021 edition. This league will serve as a pathway to the 2022 ICC
Cricket World Cup Qualifiers.

Nepal, along with Scotland and UAE are already qualified for the newly formed CWC League 2 as of their standing in the  2018 ICC World Cup Qualifiers. There will be total 7 teams in the league and the rest of the four will be joined by the end of ICC World Cricket League Division 2.

The top four team from ICC World Cricket League Division 2 ( 18th – 28th Apr, 2019). Similarly, all those four teams will be awarded with ODI Status, which means all the seven teams will be with ODI Status as Nepal, UAE and Scotland are already ODI Nations.

The League will be hosted in Home-Away basis with each team playing 36 ODI matches within the period of 2 and half years. Each of the team will play the another nation six times, 3 at home and 3 at away. The league will start from May 2019.

Image: ICC

Each team will host each other a Tri-series in their home and also travel away to play the Tri-series against the same team. Therefore, a team will play 12 set of Tri-series against the other six teams.

The top three form the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 will qualify for the 2022 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers. Similarly, the bottom four team will compete in the Cricket World Cup Qualifier Play-off tournament and will be joined by the ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge League
groups A and B toppers.

This will be a great opportunity for Nepali team to showcase their cricket power to the world and increase their number of ODIs matches.

Similarly, hosting the Tri-series in Nepali ground will furthermore add craze in Nepali fans.